The current version of Netverse is built for the Oculus VR Headset. Due to the early stage of development, this product is not yet available for direct download via the Oculus store. Once the project moves to beta, the project will be made available for download. Steps for loading the alpha .apk file to the headset are as follows:

					Register Oculus Account as a developer.
Setup the Meta Quest 2 Headset


Before installing the .apk file, the device must be in developer mode. Here are the steps:

					Put on the Meta headset and sign into the developer account you want to use for development.
On the headset, go to Settings > System > Developer, and then turn on the USB Connection Dialog option. 
Alternatively, you can open the Meta Quest Mobile App, select the headset from the list, and then turn on the Developer Mode option. Here is a video link for reference. If it asks to create an organisation, you can create your own by following the instructions after clicking the Get Started button.
Connect the headset to the computer using a USB-C cable and put on the headset again.
Click Allow when prompted to allow access to data.
Accept Allow USB Debugging and Always allow from this computer when prompted on the headset.


Deploy using Meta Quest Developer Hub (MQDH). Download the (mac) or (windows) installer, install the application. and follow the steps below:

Open the application and log in using your developer credentials, which must be the same as you’ve used for logging in the headset.
Open MQDH, go to Device Manager, and check the device status.
Locate the APK file on the computer
On Device Manager, under Apps, click Add Build to locate the APK on your computer, or drag and drop the APK file in the Add an APK section
Wear your Meta Quest headset, press the  button on the controller to open the menu, click the Apps Library icon, and from the top-right list, select Unknown Sources.
Open the app (Netverse) from the list.


Netverse is built and maintained by the expert team at IBF Net Group, the same team behind IBF Nex- the world's only miniature Islamic Economy on the Blockchain. We are fully committed to the Algorand Ecosystem.


We’re currently limiting access to private testers. Register below to get access.